Short Term Studies

Read about the short term studies we have going on right now. We also use this page to highlight upcoming groups you can be a part of. 

Short Term Study Groups

Lenten Small Groups

Lenten Small Groups

Lenten Small Groups


During the season of Lent, we will gather in small groups to study deeper into our sermon series, the Value of Virtues. To understand the virtues, we have to study the vices. Our small groups will work through "The Workbook of the 7 Deadly Sins" by Maxie Dunnam. Books are $8.00 a piece and can be ordered through or through the church office. Small groups will meet at different times and locations throughout the week. 

Living Prayer

Lenten Small Groups

Lenten Small Groups


Take up this personal journey to grow closer to God through the mystery and power of prayer. This study will help the experience of prayer come alive. Prayer is one of the ways we link ourselves with God, we put ourselves in the channel of God's moving power, and we participate with God in ministry to all persons. 

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