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Thank you!

By God’s Grace and the Love of Jesus we join our friends in Ukraine in faithful ministry. Serge Shvets shares “all we have here and all we do here is because of your huge heart. We are so much thanks to you and your church every day! Praise Jesus for your big help to do many people here! A little bit of photos from our shelter and some people who receive food and clothes by post in different parts of Ukraine”
A message from Patrick's friends and brothers in Christ and how we can pray for them:

"We are very busy, because we do two shelters at the same time. Now we have several people which need personal work with. For example, the family - pregnant girl with four children, and her mom has gone to Netherlands, but her father has stayed with us, because he has no passport, and he is citizen of Kazakhstan. So it's hard situation for us, but we already prepared all needed documents, and will send it to Lviv. Many stories like this. We try to do the best we can. And sometimes even more. For example, mom with 11 children and huge amount of baggage asked us for transfer from another city to our shelter, and we agreed with a pleasure, but we have no such big transport, only two little cars so we tried to find and we have find big bus and one more car for them, God makes miracles. Thank your prayers and for your permanent support!"
Pastor Patrick’s dear friend and church leader, Vladimir Vuksta, shared these pictures of the refugees in Ukraine that they have been aiding with the help of your support and prayers. People  in Ukraine stand in line to receive food from their ministry and this week Vladimir purchased food and supplies to deliver a 10th truckload to those in need. Amen! Thank you for sending them this LOVE!
Hello Dear Patrick,
Yesterday and today we sent a truck with food and clothes to Ukraine. These days we are expecting more refugees from Ukraine and more people are forced to leave their home and flee. Please pray for the situation in Ukraine. Please, say HUGE hello and THANK YOU to everyone who offer their money and support to refugees! May God bless you richly!
🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 This video made by our brothers from Kyiv churches, who serve in one of our shelters. Our ministry support of refugees is shown in it. You also can see which kind of help it requires.

Brothers expressed our gratitude to UMC and along with it to all brothers and sisters and churches who supported us with prayers and finances!
Glory to Christ!!!

  P.S. You can provide support on account of Ukraine UMC. Details will provide in personal message.  We will appreciate your prayers and support.

District Superintendent of Ukraine UMC
Rev. Oleg Starodubets

🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦  We received secondary school in village Onokivci (near Uzghorod) as place for shelter several days ago. It is third place in Transcarpatia for shelter organised by Methodist Church of Ukraine. We started from our churches buildings in Kamyanitsa and Uzghorod. There are more than 60 refuges whom ran away of the war on 4th day of this shelter existance. We meet people at train station, provide them opportunity to rest, to have home meal, necessary clothes.  After several days of hosting them we transport people to the borders with Slovakia, Hungary, Romania. Our brothers and sisters from neighbours countries meet and host many our citizens. Thank you for sacrificial ministry with people in need, brothers and sisters! Thank you for prayers and financial support!

 Oleg Starodubets,  UMC District Superintendent of Ukraine.
Oksana, originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, has fled to the Netherlands with her two little children. Her husband has stayed behind in Western Ukraine and is helping with refugees. Watch this video to learn about the work that they are doing in the refugees center. Thank you for your generous donations. You are making a big impact on the lives of the refugees, who are mostly women and children. The stories are heartbreaking. 
Pastor Patrick spoke with WNCT 9 about the local support Ukraine is receiving. Click the link to see the complete story.
Meet Bila, one brave dog! Bila, together with about 200 other dogs, was rescued from Borodianka town in the Kyiv region which was under Russian occupation for a month. She survived 30 days without food or water in a cage under constant shelling. She is safe now and heading to Poland.
Your support for the people of Ukraine has been a blessing.

We have been able to provide supplies and food and now have received generous donations specifically designated to help animals and pets like Bila. Pastor Patrick has been coordinating the needs of the people in Ukraine who give him constant updates and words of appreciation for all of your support. Thank you!
Pastor Patrick is receiving daily updates from his brothers and sisters in Ukraine and is hearing that your prayers and donations are transforming into the hands and feet of Christ. Olia Kryvytska shared this list of organizations/ministries that your donations are supporting:

Foodbank for refugees in Lviv
The ministry of Genadiy Mokhnenko who helps refugees in Mariupol. (link below)

The ministry of Vitaliy Andriyets. He and his team are evacuating and bringing food and medicine to the cities in the east most affected by the war. (link below)

Dzherelo zhyttia church that is raising money to sew bulletproof vests for those who evacuate people from hot zones and the territorial defense who they bring food and other things that need. (link below)

The centre that helps people with disabilities (link below)

Misto Dobra, an organization that is raising money to build housing for children that have become orphans because of this war. (link below)

I am constantly on the lookout for the ministries/NGOs that would need it the most.
Thank you and everyone who has donated and is praying for us!
Donations Supporting Relief Efforts
Photo of some families staying in orphanages in Uzhgorod.
Vladimir Vuksta organized this truck with food and clothes that was sent to Ukraine to their churches in Transcarpathia. This is the 7th truck sent during this month of war. There are 80 refugees from the eastern part of Ukraine. Some stay at the church for a long time, while others stay some days and go to Slovakia or another country in Europe. God Bless you richly!
"I want to thank you for your support, it's so important right now. I want to share good news. Our ministry is expanding and we are glad that we can do more. In two and a half weeks we were able to receive about 450 people. We are infinitely glad that we can help people deal with problems. We help many people settle down abroad, we help many people settle down in Uzhgorod. Yesterday we were able to help displaced people who live in a kindergarten in our village. 31 people live there, many of them are children. We plan to further help them too. We are especially glad that we managed to find helpers for the school kitchen. Prior to this, our chefs worked all the time seven days a week, 12 hours a day. There is still a lot of work ahead, but we believe that everything will work out! After all, we feel God's special blessing on this ministry!"